EVA GLOBAL <br>Original Reversible Sukajan Jacket Rebuild of Evangelion Dragon and EVA-01 x Night Cherry Blossoms and Rei Ayanami

EVA GLOBAL’s 4th original product is here!
It is a collaboration of the oriental brand Nishiki, which pursues a fusion of traditional Japanese style and EVA, and EVA Global, which is creating EVA merchandise to share worldwide.
The traditional Japanese embroidery sukajan jackets that receive rave reviews even overseas is given a modernized arrangement for this original EVA GLOBAL product.
A different design is embroidered onto each side the fabric making the jacket reversible.

EVA-01 and Rei Ayanami are the main images and Nishiki’s characteristic “Japanese” motif is also included in the rich embroider’s design.
The design on the one side has EVA-01 holding the Lance of Longinus along with a dragon and cherry blossoms.
Meanwhile the other side has Mount Fuji as a background while the moonlight on Lake Ashi lights up Rei.
A japanesque NERV logo is also included on the front of the chest on both sides.
It uses 3 times the embroidery of the usual sukajan jackets which increases the richness of this reversible jacket.

Release DateApril 2021
Price41,800 JPY
Price41,800 JPY
Material Rayon 100%
Specifications Color: Front: Black x Wine Red Back: Black x Silver Gray