Rei Ayanami (Tentative Name) Millennials Illust Ver. Complete Figure

From Evangelion comes a figure of “Rei Ayanami (Tentative Name)” wearing a hoodie over a plugsuit.
Mai Yoneyama’s illustration for the cover of “EVANGELION Millennials2” is used for the figure’s motif.
Notice how the fleeting and innocent nuance of the illustration is skillfully recreated with the sculpting.
It is superb how the quiet standing pose expresses such overwhelming sensitivity.
Even the contrast in coloring, form and textures of the plugsuit and light gray hoodie are expertly crafted.
To top it off, clear materials with a light paint gradation is used for the hair to help recreate the character’s translucent impression.

Bonus: Mini Shikishi featuring a new illustration by and autograph of Mai Yoneyama (the autograph is printed)

Release DateApril 2023
LengthApprox. 220mm
SculptorTakafumi Hida
ColorNanami Tetsumori
SpecificationsMaterial: PVC, ABS / Pre-painted Complete Figure
PlanningEVA GLOBAL × ALTER (Cooperation: BeBox)